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Selling with New to Ewe

As of April 22, 2021, our inventory is full and we are not looking to purchase more clothing at this time! Keep checking back or contact us to be put on a waitlist when we are ready to purchase next!

As a charitable business, we are currently on the lookout to buy high quality brands such as: Roots, Hatley, Gap, Zara, Columbia, Tommy Hilfiger and other designer brands.

Below are the steps for selling your gently used clothes to us:

1. Check to see what we accept

  • We accept sizes newborn to size 7
  • Clothing must be clean
  • Ensure that clothing has no stains, rips, holes, or obvious signs of wear
  • We will likely take most brands at this time, but the price per item will fluctuate based on quality and being "on-trend," (i.e. the better the brand, the higher the payout!)
  • At this time we are searching for spring and summer!
  • We do not accept: baby gear, car seats, books, bedding, towels, blankets, outdated/ out of style items, socks, underwear

2. Pack your items

  • Pack items in a bag or box
  • Ensure that there are a minimum of 20 items

3. Schedule a pick-up

  • Contact us to schedule a pick-up date and time
  • Pack your clothes and place it by your front door
  • We pick-up free within Trent Hills, Centre Hastings, Quinte West, and Belleville

4. We email you a purchase sheet

  • Once we have completed our inspection, we will send you a purchase sheet (we aim to complete this within 2 weeks of receiving your items)
  • We may not be in a position to purchase every awesome item in your bag, due to our own inventory, needs, etc.

5. You receive cash or shop credit

  • We will send you the EMT (up to 30% of our selling price) or store credit (up to 50% of our selling price)
  • Check out our Payout Price Guide for an idea of how much you can make

*Items not purchased by New to Ewe must be picked up within 2 weeks of the purchase sheet being emailed. Items not picked up within this timeframe will be donated to a local community partner on your behalf. Sellers who do not respond to the purchase sheet within 2 weeks will automatically receive store credit for the amount and all unpurchased items will be donated. If Seller wants unpurchased items delivered back to the, a $5 fee will be taken off the payout price total.

*By arranging pick-up with us, you agree to the above steps

    Questions? We would love to chat! Reach out to us:

    Instagram: @shopnewtoewe
    Facebook: @newtoewe

    Effective February 9th, 2021
    Last Updated April 15th, 2021