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Our Story

About Summer

Hi, I'm Summer!

I am a mama (human and dog), wife and elementary teacher! Second hand clothing has been a large part of my wardrobe for the past several years. It gives me a sense of pride when someone comments on a piece and I can say “I got it from a thrift store!” Until we had our first child this summer, we had no idea how much waste a tiny human could generate; wipes, diapers, toys and clothes. That's when we decided to focus on second-hand clothing as the bulk of her wardrobe. It felt good knowing that her clothes were being used more than once and would continue to be passed on. We love that you don't need to pay a fortune for clothes that will only last a season and instead can use your money to create memories and experiences for your family. I hope that shopping second-hand feels as good to you as it does to me. 


About Lindsay

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I am a mama, wife and social worker (amongst wearing many other hats!). The mom to two little ones, I love thrifting and finding a good deal. This has been a place of excitement for me since my own mom ingrained the power of a bargain from a young age. After being given many hand me downs for my own kids, it feels like a big hug from another mom. I often thrift and find the best deals, and would often get compliments on my kids’ outfits, to which I would respond “the whole outfit is secondhand!” While on maternity leave from my social work career, this seemed like a great time to really take the plunge into this adventure!